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You take the key, open the chest, get $10, $100 or even $500 — this is a nutshell of the new promo. The money in the chests are reserved for you personally, and it’s only up to you how fast you will get this money.

The keys in PokerGrant are virtually everywhere! You can get them by fulfilling simple personal tasks, increasing your VIP-status and collecting certain poker hands… If your friends are also into poker, invite them to PokerGrant and you will get the keys for their performance. You can even do nothing of that and just play the game you love — even this will bring you the keys!

The more keys you have, the higher your chance are to open one of the three chests, where $10, $100 or $500 are already waiting for you.

To open the chest, you need to guess the right sell from the set offered. At that, even a failed attempt draws you nearer to the success as the number of unopened cells decreases. The main thing is that even if you are unlucky with choosing the cells — you can just open them all one by one and get your prize for sure!

To open the smallest chest, you need to guess only one of twenty cells (or open them all, eventually). The chests with $100 and $500, of course, are harder to open, but the prize is worth that! By the way, the keys are omni-purpose, and the attempts to open the chest are independent of each other, so you can either concentrate on opening one chest or try your luck in opening all three of them one after another.

And please note that as soon as you open the chest and take the money — we will put the prize back again and lock the chest, so the prizes are unlimited!

The best way to get additional keys is completing the personal tasks ! You can always find the list of your personal tasks in the PokerGrant client program in the “Treasure chest” promo menu. No matter whether you prefer cash tables, Spins or tournaments — the tasks will suit any player. Anytime you complete the task you get the key, and every task can be completed unlimited times!