License agreement

1. RMI Limited(hereinafter referred as ‘RMI’ or the ‘Company’) is a company registered on the 22ndof February 2013, under the laws of Malta, bearing company registration number C 59428, and having its registered address at Vault 14, Level 2, Valletta Waterfront, Floriana, FRN1914, Malta.

2. The Malta Gaming Authority (hereinafter referred to as the ‘MGA’) is the regulatory body that shall be supervising the operation of RMI. The Company is licensed in Malta and was granted a Class 3 Remote Gaming License (MGA/CL3/849/2012) from the MGA on 12th August.

3. This agreement establishes the Terms and Conditions for the contractual relationship between RMI and any person registering with RMI, known as a Player. Each person is required to accept these Terms and Conditions when registering for an account with RMI and is bound by them throughout the existence of the relationship.

4. RMI Limited, trading under, offers players the possibility of playing online poker.

5. All bets placed are received and processed in the jurisdiction of Malta and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the MGA. The laws of Malta shall apply and any disputes which may arise between the players and RMI shall be subject to the jurisdiction and the courts of Malta.A Jurisdiction and Regulation page will be added to the websites of RMI ( as well as the flag of Malta, and the flag of the EU, which will be added to the homepage next to payment methods. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority’s seal of approval will also be displayed on the homepage once the Remote Gaming License is issued.

6. The Terms and Conditions, as available in the different languages, shall reflect the same principles. In the case of any dispute between the English language version of the Terms and Conditions and versions in other languages, the English language version shall prevail.

7. Players have to register personally. By registering, the player is deemed to have accepted and understood RMI’s rules, terms and conditions. Registration, use of the website and of any of the offered services is subject at all times to acceptance on player’s part of these Terms and Conditions.

8. RMI reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions including any of the Betting Rules at any time. Any such changes to the Terms and Conditions will be notified in advance to players and the player must re-confirm acceptance before such changes come into effect. Should the player, due to any possible changes, not wish to continue using the services offered by RMI anymore, he/she can withdraw all available funds and close the account.

9. Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located, in which case you are not authorised to use your payment card to undertake transactions. Players are solely responsible for ascertaining whether it is legal to participate, before placing any bets withRMI. It is each player’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with their own local laws with regard to betting, before opening an account or placing a bet with RMI.

10. RMI reserves the general right at any time, and at its sole discretion, to suspend or close a player’s account without further explanation if the Company considers necessary to do so. RMI shall not be liable for any such action.

11. RMI reserves the right to cooperate with law enforcement and other regulatory authorities, including the MGA, in investigating claims or suspicion of illegal activity on RMI’s site.

12. RMI may at its own discretion, temporarily suspend the whole or any part of the Service for any reason. In this respect,RMI may, but shall not be obliged to, give players as much notice as is reasonably practical.

Account Rules

13. Any player registering an account must be at least 18 years old or in some jurisdictions, such as in Estonia, not less than 21 years of age.

14. Residents of the UK, USA and Cyprus island are not allowed to open an account.

15. It is the responsibility of the player to verify that when opening an account and conducting business with RMI they are not breaking any laws and are of legal age to gamble in their jurisdiction.

16. RMI only accepts bets from ‘adult’ players over the age of (i) 18 years; or (ii) the age of majority within player’s jurisdiction. The right to void any transactions with minors or defaulters is reserved.

17. In order to open an account with RMI, any prospective player must correctly fill in the registration form found on the website and read and accept the Terms and Conditions as found on the website. Players are not allowed to use a brand or name of any company as a nickname for the account without permission of right owner. Players are prohibited from selling, transferring, and/or acquiring accounts to/from other players.

18. The player must submit the correct information during the registration process. The player also agrees to update this information in a timely manner should there be any changes to their personal data provided.

19. The player is restricted to opening only one account or having only one active account.

20. During the registration process the player will be able to choose his/her login ID and password. This password may be changed by the player at any time. Players are advised to choose a secure password, being at least 6 characters in length, containing both letters and numbers. It is not recommended to choose a password similar to the username, player’s date of birth etc. During the registration process, players will also be asked to give a valid identification, address and contact email or personal telephone number.

21. The player must keep his login ID and password secure at all times.

22. If a bet/s is placed using the login ID and password of a player it will be considered to have been made by that player and therefore to be accepted and valid.

23. RMI may, at its own discretion, and without having to provide any justification, refuse to open an account or close an existing account. Notwithstanding this, contractual obligations that would have already been made have to be honoured.

24. All accounts are opened and transacted in the EUR (€) or USD ($) currency.

25. No interest is paid on any funds, irrespective of the amount, held in the player’s account.

26. It is the responsibility of the player to keep track of winnings and report them to the proper authorities, if the player resides in a jurisdiction where those winnings are taxable.

27. RMI retains the right to examine and confirm the identity of its players. When deemed necessary, RMIwill request that further documentation proving the player’s identity be forwarded to its offices. Examples of documentation requested could be certified copies of photo ID’s, bank statements, references, last utility bill, photocopy of credit card, etc.

28. Where for any reason a player refuses or is unable to provide any of the requested documents, the Company reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to suspend that player’s account or to close the account immediately, and the player shall forfeit all his winnings. Players should also note that their original deposits may not be refunded.

29. Dormant and inactive accounts are maintained as players’ money held on the assumption that players will return to re-activate the accounts. RMI does not deduct any funds for dormancy and periodically contacts all players with a non-zero balance to reactivate them. For the purposes of this section a dormant account shall mean a gaming account that has been inactive for a period of six months or more. If no transaction has been recorded on a player’s account for thirty (30) months, RMI will attempt to notify the player via email at the player’s registered email address, warning the player about any remaining funds held in his/her account. If such notification proves unsuccessful, RMI reserves the right to close the account and remit the balance in that account to the player, or if the player cannot be satisfactorily located, to the MGA:

Provided that no claim shall lie against RMI after it has remitted the balance in a player’s account to the MGA. The player should contact the MGA in order to obtain the refund of the balance.

30. RMI reserves the right to close an account in its sole discretion. In such cases, funds may be remitted to the player depending on the circumstances of the account closure. RMI reserves the right to withhold the funds in the player’s account pending the determination of any investigation (including any relevant external investigation) where:

  • It is suspected that the player has acted in breach of these Terms and Conditions or any other agreement relevant to the player’s activities on the website, including where it is suspected that the account has been linked with fraudulent or dishonest activity; and/or
  • RMI has to withhold the funds in the player’s account by law or to comply with any advice, request or instruction from any governmental, regulatory or enforcement authority.

31. Following the determination of any such investigation RMI reserves the right to seize some or all of the funds in the player’s account, if it is satisfied that the player has acted in breach of these Terms and Conditions or any other agreement relevant to player’s activities on the website. The Company will deal with any funds obtained in this manner at its sole and absolute discretion and/or in accordance with any advice, request or instruction from any governmental, regulatory or enforcement authority.

32. Where for any reason a player refuses or is unable to provide RMI with any of the requested documents, RMI reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to freeze that player’s account or to close the account immediately and the player shall forfeit all his winnings to RMI. Players should also note that their original deposits would not be refunded.

33. In addition, if formally requested by the police, gambling regulators or taxation or other authorities or in the event that the player fails to provide RMI with sufficient information to identify him/herself in accordance with RMI’s internal procedures or those imposed by regulatory authorities, the Company may suspend the player’s account and all functionality relating to the use of the account and withhold any funds in the player’s account, pending determination of any criminal or other legal proceedings or investigation to which such a request may relate or until the player provides the necessary ‘know your client’ or ‘age verification’ information as appropriate.

34. For the avoidance of doubt, at no point for the duration of any such period during which funds are withheld will interest accrue to the player on any funds in the account.

35. If RMI is notified that a player is under 18 or was under 18 when any betting transactions were entered into the website:

  • RMI will immediately prevent such player from entering into any betting transactions or making any withdrawals from or use of the player’s account;
  • The claim will be investigated, including whether in fact the player had been betting as an agent for or at the behest or on behalf of another person;
  • If it is discovered that the player was indeed under age when any betting transactions were entered into, winnings which may have accrued from such unlawful transactions and which remain in the player’s account or which are otherwise due to be credited to the player’s account, should be paid to RMI;
  • Should the player not comply with this duty, RMI will seek to recover from the player or to set off against any stakes placed by the player any winnings paid to the player as a result of bets placed, together with the costs of such recovery. Any sums recovered will belong toRMI; and
  • RMI will not return to the player any charges paid by him/her in respect of bets made whilst the player was under age.

36. Players agree and confirm that all details and information provided to RMI at any time, whether on registration, in response to any security check or otherwise in connection with your account, is complete, true in all respects, accurate and not misleading.

37. The players of RMI agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions at all times, and also confirm that they are:

  • not acting in the interests of any third party;
  • not utilising funds originating from any criminal activity or activities;
  • not utilising bank accounts, debit cards, and/or credit card/s they are not authorised to use;
  • not to attempt to gain unauthorised access to RMI systems or, to alter its code or content in any way;
  • not going to take part or organise any criminal actions against RMI, its affiliates, and its players.

38. Players may register and use only one betting account. Any subsequent accounts opened under the same personal or bank details, or under an IP address, that is found to be related to any existing account will be closed immediately, any bets will be voided and the winnings reclaimed at RMI’s discretion.

39. Each player is solely responsible for all financial transactions such as deposits, bets and withdrawals made using their login details and account. Any unauthorized use of personal login details shall be the player’s sole responsibility and will be deemed valid, subject to meeting RMI’s criteria on sufficient funds and bet acceptance.

40. Each player is solely responsible for keeping their records on the website up to date.

41. Players are advised to check their account balance each time they logon or contact RMI. In the event of a dispute or query players are responsible to notify RMI at the earliest opportunity together with the player’s own record of transactions since the balance was last verified.

42. Players are responsible to quote the correct user details when logging or contacting RMI. Employees, former employees, service providers and any other associated or affiliated companies are not allowed to open betting accounts and use any of the services or promotions offered on RMI’s website. The same terms apply to the direct families of such persons. In the event of this rule being breached, the involved accounts will be closed permanently.

43. RMI reserves the right to close a player’s account without further explanation in cases where the details provided are deemed to be racial or abusive in any way.

44. At any time, players have the choice of suspending their accounts. The self exclusion/barring option on the website, allows players to suspend their account for up to 60 days, during which period RMI will not be able to reactivate it; or players may choose to close their account permanently by sending an e-mail to the customer support team, process which cannot be revoked.

Deposits and Withdrawals

45. Deposits can be made into the account by bank transfer, telegraphic/wire transfer and/or by credit card, and by any other means made available on the website. The name on the credit card or the bank transfer should be identical to that of the player receiving the funds. If this is not the case, the deposit will be rejected and the funds paid back. Any charges levied by the banks/payment gateways will be deducted from the reversed amount. Players may set up daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits if they wish so, by contacting the player support team. Chosen limits have to remain in compliance with the house limits and are always subject to RMI’s consent.

46. To deposit funds in your Account you must first supply such information as is required, which will depend upon the method of payment (listed on the website) that you select for making the deposit. The Company will carry out ‘Know Your Client’ procedures and verify the information within five (5) working days. Once the player supplies the required information, he/she will be able to make a deposit. RMI reserves the right to request further information and documentation regarding the player’s age, identity and place of residence following any deposits in order to prove the player’s identity.

47. Deposits can be made in EUR (€) or in USD ($) and only by a registered account holder.

48. Deposits can only be made to your own account with your own payment methods. The card/account/wallet can only be used to make a deposit if the holder matches with the account holder. The name on the credit card or the bank transfer should be identical to that of the player receiving the funds. If this is not the case, the deposit will be rejected and the funds paid back. The company may request documents to verify the identity and/or authorisation to use a specific Card and/or other facts provided by the Account Holder before expediting deposits and/or withdrawals. This may cause slight delays. From time to time, chargebacks, are received and these will be treated as per the company procedure. Any charges levied by the banks/payment gateways will be deducted from the reversed amount.

49. When depositing by credit card your credit card account will be debited immediately upon completion of the transaction. Most credit card deposits will clear within one (1) to two (2) days, but it is also important to note that some regions do not allow credit card deposits to any type of gaming establishment. If this is the case in your area, we advise you to contact the bank for more information and to consider a bank transfer or eWallet option instead. Card deposits may, from time to time, be partially and/or fully declined subject to certain security systems managed in collaboration with a Payment Solution Provider and/or a Financial Institution. Such security measures may decline legitimate Cards, which nevertheless, at a particular time, may not be possible to process. The Company does not control the said systems, nor does it have any knowledge of the reasons for any deposits being declined.

50. Any funds deposited must be utilised for the placing of bets. It is unlawful to deposit money from ill-gotten means. Any suspicious activity on an account could lead to the player being reported to the relevant authorities and freezing of the funds and could also lead to the closure of the account and confiscation of the funds.

51. We reserve the right to enforce a limit on the amount of funds that you are able to deposit at any time at a level that we may determine and change at our sole discretion. Neither we nor any of our service providers shall be under any obligation to accept your deposit request and we shall notify you if your deposit request is rejected. If your deposit request is accepted, we shall ensure that funds equal to those specified in your deposit request are credited to your Account within a reasonable period of time. Procedures, terms and conditions, availability and timing for deposits may vary from time to time, as well as between different countries and different Financial Institutions.

52. If any deposit is charged back or is otherwise uncollectible for any reason, any and all winnings generated from play conducted in such Account from the time of the applicable deposit until its reversal or uncollectability shall be invalidated, forfeited and deducted from your Account balance. In addition, the amount of the initial failed deposit will be invalidated, forfeited and deducted from the Account balance. In the event that, following such deductions, your Account balance is in a negative balance, you expressly acknowledge and agree that such negative balance shall constitute an incontestable debt payable by you to us, due and payable immediately. You expressly acknowledge and agree that, in the event of non-payment of such debt, we may assign such debt to one or more collections agencies, who shall have the legal right to pursue such assigned debt using any or all available legal remedies. Note that following the assignment of such debt to a collections agency, the resolution of such debt and any legal processes associated therewith are not within our control and must be negotiated or resolved directly with such collections agency.

53. The refund policy of the Company is to not affect any refunds. However, it remains at management’s discretion to determine whether a refund request for a deposit made should be entertained.

54. Funds cannot be transferred from the account of one player to the account of another player.

55. A player can at any time log in to his account and view a statement of his account which would show all transactions effected on that account, namely deposits, winnings, and withdrawals. Should the player notice any mistakes he/she should notify the Company immediately so that the mistake can be rectified. The player should report such a mistake within 90 days from when the mistake first appeared on the statement available on the website.

56. At any time, a player can decide to withdraw part or all of his funds from his account by selecting from the various options made available by RMI. Withdrawals will be remitted only to the same account from where the funds paid into the player’s account originated.

57. RMI reserves the right to request a clear and legible photo copy of your VISA/Mastercard and/or bank statement and/or picture identity card (ID) or passport and/or any other official personal identification document which we deem fit in order to ascertain and verify your age and identity and this at any time and especially prior to processing your withdrawal.

58. Deposits to, and withdrawals from, the Company’s Account shall at all times be made through a Financial Institution or a Payment Solution Provider. Procedures, terms and conditions, availability and timing for deposit/withdrawal may vary from time to time, as well as between different countries and different Financial Institutions.

59. Funds can be withdrawn by the player to a bank account, or to an e-wallet account such as CredoRax. In some countries, you will also have the option of withdrawing funds to the VISA credit or debit card that you have deposited funds into the Company with.

60. A Player can only request a withdrawal to his/hers own account/wallet. The account/wallet can only be used to make a withdrawal if the holder matches with the Company’s account holder.

61. If we are satisfied that you have complied with the Terms and Conditions, all AML and fraud-screening requirements, and all rules relating to the Activities, the withdrawalrequest shall be processed within three (3) working days, for every available method of payment.

62. Withdrawal times entirely depend on which payment method you use. Although the Company processes your withdrawal request almost immediately, withdrawals by Electronic Bank Transfer normally reach the bank within two (2) to five(5) working days, but the exact clearing time can vary depending on the player’s bank/country. The transaction through a credit or debit card can take place almost instantly and it will post to your credit card statement within a few days. RMI will do its utmost to process any withdrawal requests within 3 working days from receipt of such request.

63. If the value of a deposit is not played through in full before a withdrawal is requested, or are not used for the sole purpose of gaming or wagering, or there is any evidence of a series of bets/wagers placed which results in guaranteed customer profits irrespective of the outcome, or where all the betting/wagering is determined to be low risk, the Company reserves the right tocancel the respective deposit/s in part or in full and to retract any costs that may have resulted in conjunction therewith or to close such account indefinitely.

64. The player acknowledges that the Company is legally bound to only entertain cumulative withdrawal requests over €2,300 once it is satisfied about the player’s identity, age and address.

65. No credit or overdraft may be offered by any employee of RMI. Players are solely responsible to maintain sufficient funds in their account and to stake their bets accordingly. The Company reserves the right to void any bet that may be inadvertently accepted when the player’s account does not have sufficient funds to cover the whole amount of the bet.

66. When using a credit or debit card, the Cardholder’s name MUST be the same as the name used when registering with the site. Where this is not the case, the account will be suspended. All bets that are placed prior to an account being suspended will stand win or lose.

67. Bets placed by credit or debit card do not become valid until RMI has received payment. In the event that such payment is not forthcoming before the event that has been bet on commences, that bet is automatically void.

68. In the event of funds being credited to a player’s account in error, it is the player’s responsibility to notify RMI of the error without delay. Any winnings subsequent to the error and prior to such notification, whether linked to the error or not, shall be deemed invalid and returned to the Company.

69. Winnings will be credited to players’ accounts following event resulting and bet settlement. Any funds/winnings credited to an account in error are not available for use, and RMI reserves the right to void any transactions involving such funds, either at the time or retrospectively.

70. RMIshall in no event, nor under any circumstances, be liable for any damages or losses without limitation that are deemed or alleged to have resulted from or caused by this website or its content, including without limitation delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, communications lines failure, any person’s use or misuse of the site or its content, or any errors or omissions in content.

71. Funds deposited into a player’s account do not earn any interest.

72. The minimum deposit which must be affected into an account is that of 1 EURO or the equivalent in another currency for credit card deposits. Other minimum deposit amounts differ depending on the payment option. RMI reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend both its deposit and its withdrawal limits.

73. Withdrawal processing times may vary depending on the payment method and could take up to 21 working days since the approval of the withdrawal. In the event of identity check and documents, approvals are required. RMI reserves the right to reject the withdrawal request if the requirements are not met. In such case, the amount initially requested will be credited back to the player’s betting account. For more information about withdrawal processing times, please visit the ‘Cashing out your poker winnings’ section on the site.

74. If you wish to cancel a withdrawal, a request should be sent to [email protected] within 24 hours after placing your withdrawal. The request should state the following:
“I wish to cancel the withdrawal of €/$……, from Nickname: ……………………”

75. Players understand and acknowledge that RMI is not a financial institution and does not have the rights and the required licences to act as such.

76. RMI reserves the right to conclude a withdrawal request by an alternative method or process at the Company’s discretion. If, for any reason, a payout request cannot be approved, a Customer Services Representative will contact the Player concerned.

77. All transactions are checked to prevent money laundering. RMI reserves the right to use third party verification services to authenticate the players’ account information and identity and to conduct any necessary checks relating to potential fraud or to ensure compliance with Anti Money Laundering policies and procedures. Players expressly acknowledge and agree that RMI may confirm the accuracy of any information submitted by any player against government-issued ID. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, players expressly acknowledge and agree that RMI may use personal information provided, in order to conduct appropriate anti fraud checks and such information may be disclosed to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency, which may keep a record of that information.

78. The Company does not charge any fees for the processing of deposits and/or withdrawals, however, a processing fee may be charged by your payment operator.

Betting Rules

80. A bet can only be placed by a registered player.

81. A bet can only be placed over any distance communication device such as a mobile phone or over the Internet.

82. A bet can only be placed by a player if he/she has sufficient funds in his/her account with the Company.

83. A bet is deemed to have been accepted as soon as it is received on RMI’s system and validated and processed.

84. The player affirms that at the time he/she placed a bet or bets he/she had no knowledge as to the outcome of the respective events. Where there is a suspicion of a violation of this rule, RMI retains the right to void the bet and refuse to pay out winnings. It also retains the right to take any further action to protect its legitimate interests and to comply with other laws and regulations.

85. RMI retains the right to decline bets without providing any reason.

86. When the player places a bet/s he/she acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and accepted in full all of the Terms and Conditions, Betting Rules, Privacy Policy and game rules regarding the bets offered by RMI as stated on the website.

87. RMI manages the players’ accounts, calculates the available funds, the pending funds, the betting funds as well as the amount of winnings. Unless proved otherwise, these amounts are considered as final and are deemed to be accurate.

88. The player is fully responsible for the bets placed, on the Internet. RMI will never question the player about the relevance of the bets they wish to place and will not be held responsible for the possible mistakes that could have been made during the placing of such bets, including mistakes regarding the placed amounts.

89. Winnings will be paid into the player’s account after the result of each game is confirmed. However, RMI reserves the right to set aside any winnings should there be investigations into the result of a game that may have arisen out of manipulation or system errors or bugs.

90. Should RMI become aware that a player has placed a number of bets from different accounts which he/she had irregularly opened, all such bets will be void. The Company retains the right to take further action as deemed necessary.

91. If bets, which exceed any stipulated limits, are erroneously accepted, the excess amount will be disregarded, the bet amount placed will be revised accordingly and the difference paid back to the player.

92. Communication errors do occasionally happen. Bets are confirmed only when received on our servers in Malta. Should there be a break in communication after you offer a bet and it has been received on our servers it will still be considered to be valid. You will be informed of the result once communication is re-established. If the bet is not received by our servers then it will not stand and the bet amount will not be taken from the account you hold with us.

93. A bet shall be deemed void if it is not transmitted in full.

94. When a bet is placed and accepted, the corresponding amount is charged against the player’s Account.

95. Once accepted/authorized, bets cannot be cancelled or amended in any way by the player. It is player’s sole responsibility to ensure the placed bet is the requested one.

96. Once a player places a bet they shall receive an acknowledgement in the form of a confirmation of acceptance by RMI.

97. Bets are processed in the order they are received.

98. RMI reserves the right to decline all or part of any bet without giving a reason at any time.

99. RMI cannot be held responsible for any typing, human, software or palpable error in relation to any product or information provided either on the Company’s website or on the relevant third party website to which a player is directed from the RMI website in order to place his relevant bet. RMI reserves the right to void any bet where such bet has been placed in circumstances where it considers, at its sole discretion, that such an error has occurred.

100. The Company shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Company’s approved computer system enables a player whose participation in a game is, after he or she has made a wager, interrupted by a failure of the telecommunications system or a failure of the player’s computer system that prevents the player from continuing the game, to resume, on the restoration of the system, his or her participation in the game that was interrupted as at the time immediately before the interruption.

101. If the Company’s computer does not enable a player to continue, after the restoration of the system, with a game interrupted by a failure of the telecommunications system or the player’s computer system, the Company shall:

  • ensure that the game is terminated; and
  • refund the amount of the wager to the player by placing it in the player’s account.

102. If a game is started but miscarries because of a failure of the Company’s computer operating system, the Company shall:

  • refund the amount wagered in the game to the player by crediting it to the player’s account or, if the account no longer exists, by paying it to the player in an approved manner and if the player has an accrued credit at the time the game miscarries, credit to the player’s account the monetary value of the credit or, if the account no longer exists, pay it to the player in an approved manner;
  • inform immediately the Authority of the circumstances of the incident;
  • refrain from conducting a further game if the game is likely to be affected by the same failure;
  • act in accordance to the MGA instructions.

103. If the player wishes to close his/her account, the Company’s customer support team should be contacted, who shall close the player’s account upon the player’s request. Any negative balance on the player’s account will fall immediately due and payable to the Company, and the player’s account will not be closed until the relevant amount owed to the player is paid in full. The player will not be entitled to close his/hers account until such time as any outstanding bets or wagers are completed.

104. RMI reserves the right to retain any monies in a player’s account that it considers, at its sole discretion, to have been obtained as a result of any error as described and/or, any fraudulent activity or any other activity of any nature deemed by RMI to be in bad faith.

105. RMI reserves the right to void any or all bets made by any group of people acting in liaison in an attempt to defraud RMI. This can include persons, relatives, organisations, bookmakers and their employees.

106. RMI strictly prohibits player collusion, the use of robotic, mechanical, or electronic, or other devices to automatically make decisions in any bet or game, whether such use is attempted or effected by one of our players or by a guest or by any third parties. If suspicion for such actions arises, RMI reserves the right in its sole discretion to block access and/or void those bets.

107. All prices are subject to variation and become fixed at the time a bet is accepted/authorised.

108. RMI cannot be held responsible for any typing, human or palpable error which leads to any errors or omissions, including the announcing, publishing or marking of prices or results, other than those intended, or bets being accepted that contravene the Company’s rules. In cases where a bet has been accepted at an incorrect price RMI reserves the right to void the bet.

109. The Company may restrict the player’s access to the website, suspend or terminate the player’s account, withdraw offers for bets, void any bets outstanding to the player’s account, or cancel and void any outstanding bets, terminating events and/or games in its absolute discretion without cause at any time including if:

  • There is a technological failure;
  • The Company suspects that the player is engaging in illegal or fraudulent activity;
  • The Company suspects that the player/s have (or may have) breached any part of this Agreement;
  • The Company suspects that the player is acting in a manner that is detrimental to the conduct of our business or which may result in legal liability for you, us or third parties;
  • The Company suspects that the player may be having difficulties obtaining credit; or
  • The Company have the right to do so as set out in these Terms and Conditions.

110. The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage that you may suffer because of any: act of God; power cut; trade or labour dispute, act, failure or omission of any government or authority; obstruction or failure of telecommunication services; or any other delay or failure caused by a third party or otherwise outside of our control. In such an event, RMI reserves the right to cancel or suspend our services without incurring any liability.

Chat Rules

111. A chat is available on each game table.

112. The purpose of the chat is to allow players to communicate with each other.

113. Whenever you make use of the chat feature, you must comply with the content standards set and communicated by us from time to time. Rules are applied to ensure that a pleasant ambience is preserved on the network, that no fraudulent activity is facilitated and that players feel part of the community.

114. Separate chats between players are prohibited.

115. In no event shall RMI be liable towards any player using the chat facility for any damage arising from other players’ conduct.

116. Other than personally identifiable information, which is covered under our Privacy Policy, any chat will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, and you hereby grant us a non-exclusive irrevocable, worldwide right and licence to use, copy, distribute and disclose or license to third parties any such material for any purpose in perpetuity.

117. We will not be responsible or liable to any third party, for the content or accuracy of any chat.

118. Chats are moderated or monitored by RMI, either automatically, or by human means. All the conversations are recorded and shall be stored for a reasonable period. In case of infringement of the Chat Rules, the moderator will warn the player. If the player does not change his behaviour, he can be excluded from chatting. A player can also be excluded with immediate effect, without prior warning. In case of multiple exclusions, RMI can, at its own discretion, decide to exclude definitely the player from chatting. Any suspicious chats will be reported to the Authority. We have the right to remove any chat in our sole and absolute discretion.

119. Players using the chat option are prohibited from posting any unlawful, obscene, libelous, defamatory, threatening, or other material that would violate any law or generally be considered to be offensive. It is prohibited to upload material for offensive purposes, including curses, collusion, spam, fraud, or commercial and other harmful purposes. In particular, you are prohibited from making or uploading any posting or other materials on the Website and from transmitting or distributing to, from, or on the Website any posting or content:

  • that is threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, liable to incite racial hatred, discriminatory, threatening, menacing, scandalous, inflammatory, blasphemous, in breach of confidence, in breach of privacy or which may cause annoyance or inconvenience; or
  • for which you have not obtained all necessary licences and/or approvals; or
  • which constitutes or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise be contrary to the law of or infringe the rights of any third party, anywhere in the world, including, without limitation, Intellectual Property Rights; or
  • which is technically harmful (including, without limitation, computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, harmful components, corrupted data or other malicious software or harmful data); or
  • which contains any advertising, promotion, solicitation for goods, services or funds or solicitation for others to become members of any enterprise or organization;

120. You may not chat on the Website anonymously.

Any content, materials, information, documents, advertisements, graphics and images (including without limitation any messages, data, information, text, or links) made available to or uploaded on the Website by other persons will be monitored, and we reserve the right to delete any of it at any time, for any reason. We expressly disclaim all liability therefore.

122. Any chats made will be logged and recorded. Flooding will be automatically blocked by the system and profanities will be automatically censored by the system (replacing it with asterisks). Collusion through the use of chat facilities is prohibited and any suspicious chat will be reported to the Authority. Furthermore, RMI reserves the right to remove the chat rooms if abused.

The system’s moderator can block a player from chatting if the player abuses such a function. Players must respect the following rules of behaviour:

  • Upload postings or other material in good faith;
  • Not infringe or try to infringe the privacy or rights of the others players;
  • Not harass or cause distress or inconvenience to any other player;
  • Not transmit obscene or offensive content;
  • Not disrupt the normal flow of dialogue;
  • Not use an indecent or foul language, use vulgar or threatening statements;
  • Use a nickname in good taste. RMI or the moderator reserves the right to change it if this rule is not respected;
  • Not argue or bicker with the others players;
  • Your exchanges with the others players shall not contain any illegal content:
    • pornography or sexually explicit content;
    • incitation to any kind of hatred, notably based on race, ethnic group, gender, religion, sexuality;
    • pejorative terms relating to illness or disabilities;
    • promotion, encouragement or facilitation of anti-social behaviour;
    • discrimination or encouragement to discrimination against any social group, or exploitation of vulnerable sections of society;
    • gratuitous violence, or promotion, encouragement or facilitation of violence, terrorism or other activities that risk national security;
    • promotion, encouragement or facilitation of illegal activities;
    • misleading or defamatory;
    • promotion of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs;
    • promotion of the tobacco or armaments industry;
    • any content potentially detrimental for RMI.
  • Not advert or promote third party website or activity, even forums;
  • Not assume a false identity;
  • Not give or ask personal details;
  • Respect, be courteous and friendly to all newcomers and moderators;
  • Not spam the system;
  • Not try to influence the others players’ actions, by intimidation or abuse;
  • Upload any postings or other material solely in the English language.

124. You warrant that any chat does and shall comply with these standards, and you indemnify us for any breach of this warranty and hold RMI harmless against any damage arising out of the player’s illegal, unlawful or inappropriate conduct or arising out of the violation by the player of rules relating to Postings.

Privacy Statement

125. Player account details and registration information are subject to RMI’s Privacy Statement. For more information, please see RMI’s full Privacy Statement. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, players agree to the terms of the privacy statement.

126. Protecting your privacy is important to RMI. The Company has notified the Commissioner of Data Protection about the processing of data in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act (Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta).

127. RMI endeavours to keep your personal information protected at all times by implementing adequate technical and organizational controls.

128. Please take a moment to read the following policy to learn how we handle your personal information, as your use of our services will indicate your acceptance of its content.

129. This policy describes the way in which we deal with the information you provide us with to enable us to manage your relationship with RMI.

130. We collect and use your personal information to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements; for historical and statistical purposes; for security and control; to provide you with our services; and, to make more of such services available to you in the future. From time to time, we may also use your personal information to contact you by mail, email, telephone or mobile phone, to introduce you to our products or any events, activities, projects, plans, developments, undertakings and special offers taking place, being promoted or supported by the Company. RMI will keep the player’s personal data and all the financial transactions details for a minimum period of 10 years after the closure of the account. RMI will delete the player’s personal data if no transaction has ever been registered on the player’s account.

131. By supplying RMI with your information you confirm that you do not consider use of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy to be a breach of your rights under the Data Protection Act (Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta).

132. We may use your personal information together with other information for the purposes of:

  • Processing your bets
  • Setting up and managing your account
  • Complying with our regulatory duties
  • Building up personal profiles
  • Providing you with information about promotional offers

133. Access to players’ data is made available to whoever within the organization needs such information for the purpose of serving the Player. Access to staff personal data should be limited to the owners of the organisation and members of the HR department.

134. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your information is kept secure and protected. We will only disclose personal information to other companies within associated or subsidiary companies and to business partners, successors in title to our business and suppliers that are engaged to process such information on our behalf. If you apply for an account with us then to help us make credit decisions about you, to prevent fraud, to check your age and identity and to prevent money laundering, we may use third parties including credit reference agencies who will record any searches on your file. We may also make enquiries of, and disclose details of how you conduct your account to, such agencies, security organisations and any other relevant third parties for fraud and money laundering prevention. Supply of personal data to third parties for any other reason is on an opt-in basis.

135. You always have a right of access to the information we have about you. To review and update your personal contact information, simply login to our website with your Username and Password and through the Profile/My Account page you may change your information. If you prefer you may contact our Call Centre/Customer Service using the contact details available on the site. Additionally you have the right to have any inaccurate information corrected and where applicable, erased.

136. It is our right to ask you to provide us with a written request for information we hold about you.

137. RMI safeguards the security of the data you send us with physical, electronic, and managerial procedures. For transmission of sensitive data SSL encryption is used on our website and to communicate with our payment processor. Please note that we cannot guarantee that any data transmitted over the Internet is completely secure. Accordingly, we encourage you to take every precaution to protect your personal data when you are on the Internet.

138. Telephone calls to and from our Player Contact Centre are recorded for training and security purposes along with the resolution of any queries arising from the service you receive.

139. Usage of a cookie is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information while on our site. We may use cookies as a means of collecting information from a web server for the above purposes following a player’s use of the website.

140. Like most standard website servers we use log files. These include internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, platform type, date/time stamp, and number of clicks to analyze trends, administer the site, track user’s movement in the aggregate, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. IP addresses, etc. are not linked to personally identifiable information. IP addresses are tied to personally identifiable information to enable our web-based service.

141. To protect your personal data during communication with your web browser, the company uses secure and tested encryption technology. Encryption of data transferred from the players to the server is implemented over SSLTLSv1 protocol using OpenSSL library (open source project). OpenSSL is based on the excellent SSLeay library developed by Eric A. Young and Tim J. Hudson. The OpenSSL toolkit is licenced under an Apache-style licence, and can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes subject to some simple licence conditions. Online transactions therefore, continue to be protected by the extremely reliable security system of a worldwide-accredited partner.

142. Under applicable data protection legislation we have a legal duty to protect any information we collect from you. We use leading technologies and encryption software to safeguard your data, and keep strict security standards to prevent any unauthorized access to it.

143. Given that the Internet is a global environment, using the Internet to collect and process personal data necessarily involves the transmission of data on an international basis. Some of the data processors engaged to process personal data may be based outside of the European Economic Area. Therefore, by browsing our website and communicating electronically with us, you acknowledge and agree to our processing of your personal data in this way.

144. Though we make every effort to preserve user privacy, we may need to disclose personal data and betting history when required by law or our regulator wherein we have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order, an order from our regulator or legal process served on our website.

145. As a policy the Company will not disclose any personal information to anyone other than those employees that need access to your data to provide you with a service.

146. We may, however, be required by law or legal process to disclose your personal information to authorities such as the local Lotteries and Gaming Authority.

147. The customer acknowledges that RMI and its affiliates will hold information with respect to the customer’s identity, including but not limited to the customer’s name, address and payment details. The customer agrees that RMI relies on this information in providing the betting services to the customer and the customer agrees to hold RMI harmless against any falsehood or any accuracy in the information provided by the customer. By submitting personal data to RMI, the customer indicates his/her consent to RMI’s use of such personal data in connection with the provision of services. RMI is committed to safeguarding your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. Strict use of standard encryption tools is applied to all data to prevent any unauthorized access.

148. We use a credit card processing company to process bets. These companies do not retain, share, store or use personally identifiable information for any secondary purposes.

149. Please also visit our Terms and Conditions covering the use and limitations of liability governing the use of the Privacy Statement.

150. This policy describes the way in which we deal with the information you provide to us to enable us to manage your relationship with RMI.

151. We will process any personal information provided to us (whether via this website, the player application form or any other means) or otherwise held by us relating to you in the manner set out in this statement. By submitting your information to us and using RMI’s website you confirm your consent to the use of your personal information as set out in this Privacy Statement.

152. RMI believes in providing a protected environment, it is recognized that gambling is an exciting adult leisure pursuit. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to gamble with RMI. We reserve the right to ask for verification documents from any player and may suspend an account until such proof is received.

153. Please note that anyone under the age of 18 found to be gambling with RMI will have any winnings forfeited.

154. If users have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at: [email protected]

155. To make sure your personal information remains confidential, we communicate these privacy guidelines to every employee of RMI.

156. RMI’s website may, from time to time, contain links to other sites. RMI does not share your personal information with those websites and is not responsible for their privacy practices. We encourage you to learn about the privacy policies of any such company.

157. If we are going to use your personal information differently from that stated at the time of collection, we will inform you accordingly.

158. RMI’s Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time. It is in your interest to review the privacy policy regularly for any changes.

159. References:

  • Data Protection Act 2001
  • Legal Notice 16 of 2003

Money Laundering Reporting

160. It is your responsibility to report any money laundering suspicions you might have.

161. All management and staff at the Company must report any suspicion of money laundering to the MLRO.

162. There is no established threshold for the reporting of a suspicion in money laundering activity.

163. Considerations of Player confidentiality must not prevent the reporting of suspicions to the MLRO – in reporting suspicions of money laundering, the Company is protected against breach of confidentiality.

164. All the Company’s personnel have the right to report directly to the MLRO without consulting their line manager/supervisor. However, if the person concerned wishes to discuss it with their line manager/supervisor, or a colleague, it is acceptable to do so.

165. Suspicion is personal and arises from your own reaction to circumstances. However, you must bear in mind that the test is normally applied not only to check whether you are actually suspicious, but whether you have reasonable grounds to be suspicious. If you do not report suspicion when you had reasonable grounds to do so, you may expose the Company and/or yourself to legal liability.

166. In considering whether a report to the MLRO is required, judgement needs to be made about whether there are “reasonable grounds” for knowledge or suspicion in a particular case. “Reasonable grounds” should not be confused with the existence of higher than normal risk factors, which may affect certain sectors or classes of persons.

167. For “reasonable grounds” to come into existence, there needs to be sufficient information to advance beyond speculation that it is merely possible that someone is laundering money, or a generalised assumption that low levels of crime are endemic in particular sectors.

168. However, you should not turn a blind eye to information, and should make reasonable enquiries such as a person with your qualifications, experience and expertise might be expected to make in such a situation, exercise a healthy level of scepticism, and report any concerns to the MLRO. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and report to the MLRO even if you are not sure you have reasonable grounds for suspicion.

169. For the avoidance of doubt, knowledge is likely to include:

  • Actual knowledge;
  • Shutting one’s mind to the obvious;
  • Deliberately refraining from making enquiries, the results of which one might not care to have;
  • Knowledge of circumstances, which would indicate the facts to an honest and reasonable person;
  • Knowledge of circumstances which would put an honest and reasonable person on enquiry, but failing to make reasonable enquiries, which such a person would have made.

Source: ICAEW interim guidance notes

170. Failure to report suspicion to the MLRO is a breach of the Company’s procedures that may lead to disciplinary action and also problems for the Company with our regulator.

171. The MLRO must be informed as soon as reasonably practicable of suspicion – do not create a written record specifying your suspicion unless requested to do so by the MLRO. If the MLRO (or alternative) cannot immediately be contacted, either email the MLRO requesting a call, or leave a voicemail message requesting a call. Do not specify your suspicions in these messages.

172. Once suspicion has been reported to the MLRO, those reporting must follow the instructions given by the MLRO. The MLRO, will determine whether a report is to be made to the FIAU.

Avoiding Tipping off/Prejudicing an investigation

173. A person should not disclose information when that person knows or suspects a report has been made to the authorities and that the disclosure may prejudice an investigation (i.e. by law enforcement agencies). The offence of prejudicing an investigation occurs if you disclose information, which you know or suspect may prejudice an investigation, or if you conceal, destroy, or otherwise interfere with information or material relevant to an investigation.

174. However, there is nothing to prevent you making normal commercial enquiries to understand a transaction in the course of your work (including to help you determine whether an initial concern may amount to suspicion of money laundering). If you require additional guidance on a situation, contact the MLRO.

175. Once you have formed suspicion and decide to report, or you are aware suspicion has been reported to the MLRO, this may not be discussed with or disclosed to any other person without the express consent of the MLRO. Consideration may need to be given in audit and other cases to discussion with Player senior management of issues related to suspected money laundering but this is a complex area and MLRO assistance must be sought before any discussion is entered into.

176. Contact the MLRO as soon as the issue becomes apparent to minimise the risk of delay. If you are put under pressure by a Player to honour their requests, or to explain delays, please contact the MLRO for assistance and take great care to avoid making any statement that may constitute tipping off.

177. Generally, if following a report of suspicion, the Company wishes for its own commercial or ethical reasons to exit a relationship, there is nothing to prevent this provided the way the exit is communicated does not constitute “tipping off/prejudicing an investigation”. The MLRO is available to provide guidance on individual cases and will take legal advice and/or consult with the FIAU if appropriate.

178. In certain circumstances following reporting of suspicion, continuing to act for a Player without first obtaining consent from the authorities may be contrary to what is expected of the Company.

179. The MLRO will provide guidance on this issue and any instructions given by the MLRO must be followed. Unless otherwise instructed by the MLRO, you should continue working normally.

180. Many Players will be familiar with anti-money laundering procedures – for example to open a bank account, identification procedures have to be completed. RMI expects Players to increasingly maintain packs of the required certified documents to ensure an efficient process.

181. However, some Players may not be familiar with the process and personnel in explaining to Players why questions are being asked and documentation is being asked for can say that:

  • Carrying out anti-money laundering checks is a regulatory responsibility for licensed betting companies.
  • This is a normal routine now applied to all Players falling within the scope of the Regulations.

182. Resistance may result from fear or lack of understanding of the requirements, and this should swiftly be overcome with a reasoned explanation as above.

183. If such difficulties are encountered, the MLRO should be consulted for advice and support. However, the MLRO will not engage in any direct conversation or correspondence with Players; at all times contact with the Player and responsibility for the relationship remains with the Player service team.

184. Continued resistance to provision of information may well indicate that you should become suspicious. If this occurs, contact your MLRO for advice.

185. If a Law Enforcement Order is received, or a search warrant or similar document is served on the Company in connection with suspicion or allegations of money laundering, the MLRO must immediately be contacted. The MLRO will oversee and manage our response and will seek urgent legal advice as appropriate.

186. All instructions given by the MLRO must be followed. This is vital as, although RMI will comply with lawful requests, the Company must not unwittingly breach any privilege to which the player is entitled to in respect of documents we hold.

187. You should not comply with any request from law enforcement for disclosure or investigation in connection with a money laundering investigation unless you have confirmed with the MLRO or the Risk Management Partner that the request has the force of law.

188. The Company will provide training as required in the handling of money laundering regulatory requirements and internal procedures.

189. When a staff member is requested by the MLRO to complete training, this request must be complied with promptly. Records of training provided to staff must be maintained.

190. For a quick guide to the key points of which you must be aware, and must act on, refer to:

  • Current procedures for any updates and supporting information, guidance and assistance on the subject.
  • The MLRO for all matters relating to complex identification/KYC issues, suspicion, tipping off, consents to continue to act, communications with players and contacts with/demands from outside agencies.
  • LN176 of 2004 of the Laws of Malta
  • LN42 of 2006 of the Laws of Malta

Player Disputes and Notice

191. RMI hereby informs all players that the Company shall record all telephone and electronic transactions with players in the interests of staff and players. When a dispute occurs which cannot be resolved by RMI, the relevant recording(s) may be made available to arbitrators.

192. If You as a player have any complaints, claims or disputes with regard to any outcome regarding the Services or any other activity, You must submit Your complaint to RMI in the first instance, in writing as soon as is reasonably practicable following the date of the original transaction to which the claim or dispute refers. Complaints may be submitted by email to [email protected] or

193. If you feel that your matter has not been resolved to your satisfaction or you wish to take your dispute to the Authority, you can reach MGA on the following email address [email protected]

194. Any notice RMI gives to its players (save as otherwise set out herein) will be sent to the email address provide in the account details. It is the players’ responsibility to provide an up to date email address and to regularly check their email account for emails from RMI.

Limits set by players

195. A registered player may by written notice or electronic notice to the licensee:

  • Set a limit on the amount the player may wager within a specific period of time;
  • Set a limit on the losses the player may incur within a specific period of time;
  • Set a limit on the amount of time the player may play in any one session;
  • Exclude the player from playing for a definite or indefinite period of time.

196. A player who has set a limit or exclusion under this regulation may change or revoke the limit or exclusion by written notice or electronic notice given to the licensee.

197. A notice increasing or revoking a limit or decreasing the exclusion has effect only after seven days after the licensee has received the notice.

198. A notice reducing a limit or increasing the exclusion has effect immediately after it is received by the licensee.

199. A licensee shall not accept a wager from a player contrary to a limit or exclusion set by the player under this regulation.

Warranty disclaimer and liability

200. RMI’s liability towards a player shall be limited to the amount of the relevant stake or the amount in the player’s betting account whichever is the lesser.

201. Your use of the site is at your sole risk. The site is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. Unless specifically stated herein, and except as required by law, We make no representations and expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, satisfactory quality, implied warranties of title and non-infringement.

202. You acknowledge and agree that we do not warrant that the software or content on this site shall be error-free or will operate without interruption. If you become aware that the software or content contains any error, or is incomplete, you shall promptly contact us. You agree not to take advantage of the error and we reserve the right to recover any such advantage that you may gain from such error, as well as all associated costs, damages and expenses in making such recovery. We are not liable to you for any errors or interruptions.

203. You expressly acknowledge and agree that we shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (even if We have been advised of the possibility of such damages) (i) resulting from the use of, or the inability to use, the site, (ii) any loss or corruption of data, (iii) communication or line failures, (iv) misuse of the site by any person or (v) any error or omission in the content on the site.

204. You expressly acknowledge and agree that we shall not be liable to you for the content of or use by you of any information or services offered by third parties or affiliates advertising, marketing, or otherwise posting content through our site (whether directly or via hot links to or from other sites or resources) nor can we be said to endorse the content of such advertisements or information and make no warranties with respect to such content. In particular, we shall have no liability in respect of material to our site which may be misleading, inaccurate, defamatory, threatening or obscene or otherwise not in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and the provision by us of a link to another website does not constitute any authorization to access materials held at that location.

205. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party in connection with or arising out of your use of the site, your violation of any terms of this site, your violation of applicable laws, or your violation of any rights of another person or entity.


206. RMI will endeavour to make a player’s experience with us an enjoyable one. However, there may be occasions where a player may feel dissatisfied with the quality of our product/s or of our player service. A player may raise a complaint by addressing an email to our Player Service at [email protected] or a telephone call to +37121357213. Your complaint will be escalated to management and we endeavour to handle it within 48 hours of receipt.

207. Should you not be satisfied with the way your complaint was resolved or handled you may escalate directly to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta by sending them an email on [email protected] or by phone on +356 316 590.

208. It is important that only complaints of a serious nature are escalated to the [M MGA.